data science for business conference & exhibition

The Data Science for Business Conference & Exhibition 2022 will bring together a diverse group of WA industry professionals and data science providers to explore how AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics can be used for business innovation and growth.
Join us as we hear from a range of presenters who will share their expertise and insights to help you kickstart your digital transformation journey. 
This is a fantastic platform to learn more about the latest trends and technologies, network with the WA business community and learn new ways of gaining a competitive advantage with your data. 


A key theme of the Data Science for Business Conference & Exhibition is Diversity and Inclusion in Data Science. At WADSIH, we understand that in order to foster a thriving data science community we need to ensure that access, education and opportunities are made available for all West Australians.

We’ll be opening the floor to discussions around gender diversity and neurodiversity in data science, and highlighting the importance of an inclusive workplace culture. 



The Data Science for Business Conference & Exhibition is designed for WA business professionals from all sectors and industries who want to learn how data science can help them grow and improve their business outcomes. It is suited to industry professionals who are:

  • Looking for an innovative business solution
  • Seeking access to a range of AI, machine learning, or data visualisation providers
  • Want to learn more about the benefits of data science for business
  • Looking to network with the WA business community
  • Interested in the latest trends and technologies

This is also a fantastic opportunity for students interested in data science to learn more about this field, see what opportunities are available to them and gain exposure to WA industry. A number of our exhibitors will be showcasing student training, internship and employment opportunities throughout this event.